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MG Mk-II Resin Conversion Kit

MG Mk-II Resin Conversion Kit

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1/100 Scale Resin Kit from CIStudio, casted by Galaxy Hobby Shop

This is a Resin Kit that will require sanding and fixing of certain parts within the kit

Intended for Experienced Modelers

Comment from the shop owner: This resin conversion kit emphasizes on the reshaping of various parts of the body and altering proportions. Subtle details were added, Recommended for those that are new new to resin or looking to give it a try. Amount of masking required is less than most resin kits on the market.

Base Kit



[ ! ] This kit requires and does not include the Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam Mk-II ver 2.0 as the base kit. The base kit must be acquired separately

[ ! ] This kit consists solely of unpainted resin parts. Painting is required in order to reproduce the product as shown in the images

[ ! ] Resin dust is toxic. A mask must be worn at all times when sanding resin materials


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