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MG Lightning Strike Gundam [Ver. RM]

MG Lightning Strike Gundam [Ver. RM]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: August 2021

From "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED MSV," the Lightning Strike Gundam in Master Grade. It accurately reproduces the Lightning Striker Pack's unique features, including composite pods and a 70-31 Electromagnetic Rail Cannon with combining capabilities.

Lightning Striker Pack Reproduction:

  • Chest unit, side composite pods, and waist battery tank faithfully recreated.
  • Composite pod connection base articulated with a ball joint.

Armaments and Equipment:

  • 70-31 Electromagnetic Rail Cannon included.
  • Backpack and Composite Pods with various movable gimmicks.
  • Overdrive state replicated.
  • Water Transfer Decals Included!

Set Contents:

  • Strike Gundam Ver.RM Main Unit
  • Lightning Striker Pack
  • 70-31 Electromagnetic Rail Cannon
  • Armor Schneider
  • Water Transfer Decals.
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