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MG Justice Gundam

MG Justice Gundam

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: June 2017

Justice Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" Finally in Master Grade (MG)!

  • The Justice Gundam, a key mobile suit from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," is now available as a Master Grade (MG) model!
  • This highly detailed kit uses a shared frame with other MG series from SEED, ensuring accurate reproduction of the iconic suit with plenty of intricate details.


  • Shared Frame: Utilizes parts of the frame shared with other SEED MG series models, enhancing accuracy and detail.
  • Detailed Design: High information density in the details allows for a realistic representation of the Justice Gundam as seen in the series.
  • Full Gimmick Fatoum-00: The Fatoum-00 backpack can transform into its flight mode and accommodate posing options, reflecting its functionality in the series.
  • Variety of Weapons: Includes numerous weapons such as the Bassel Beam Boomerangs, which can be held using the grip hand parts.
  • Pilot Figure: Comes with a detailed pilot figure for added realism.

Included Accessories:

  • RQM51 Bassel Beam Boomerang: x2
  • MA-M01 Lacerta Beam Saber: x2
  • MA-M20 Lupus Beam Rifle: x1
  • Laminated Anti-Beam Shield: x1

Product Contents:

  • Molded Parts: x16
  • Foil Stickers: x1
  • Marking Stickers: x1
  • Dry Decals: x1
  • Instruction Manual: x1
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