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MG Hyaku-Shiki Kai [Mass Production Type]

MG Hyaku-Shiki Kai [Mass Production Type]

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1/100 Scale Master Grade Premium Bandai Model Kit

Mass produced variation of the Hyaku-Shiki Kai

Kit includes spare parts to restore the original Hyaku-Shiku look

Unlike the PB Hyaku-Shiki Kai, this kit does not feature a chrome finish, ideal for modelers that plan to paint the kit

Appearing in Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit Variations, the MSR-00100S Hyaku Shiki Kai [Mass Produced Type] is the mass-produced variant of the MSR-00100 Hyaku Shiki Kai, which is an enhanced variant of the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, 

Noticeable feature changes includes the removal of the flexible wing binders and the additional shoulder mounted multilauncher located on its right shoulder.

EVO Waterslide Decals: MG Hyaku-Shiki [Kai & Mass Production Kai] Waterslide Decals [Fluorescent]

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