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MG Gundam Mk-V

MG Gundam Mk-V

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 2021

"Azure MS Seized by the New Design"

Fully New Molded, First Master Grade Kit Conversion

The Gundam Mk-V from 'Gundam Sentinel' finally receives its first Master Grade kit conversion with a completely new design. The designer, Mika Akitoshi, supervised the precise reproduction of the mobile suit's shape. Features such as the white lines on various parts are reproduced with separate pieces, allowing for the distinctive design of the Mk-V to be replicated simply by assembling the kit.

  • "MG Gundam Mk-V," fully molded with a completely new design Through part separation and molded colors, the kit achieves detailed color separation and high-density detailing, allowing for the white lines on various parts of the mobile suit to be molded separately. The unique style can be replicated simply by assembling the kit.
  • Equipped with weapon gimmicks for various parts The gimmicks of the Mk-V's distinctive features, such as the funnels and missile pods, are incorporated.
  • Funnel deployment The funnels can be stored on the backpack and reproduced in a deployed state using lead wires.
  • Missile pod opening and closing In addition to hatch opening and closing, the containers themselves are movable, allowing for the reproduction of the unused state.
  • Beam cannon deployment The backpack is movable, allowing for the deployment of the left and right beam cannons to be replicated.
  • Shield suspension The shield can be equipped on the backpack.
  • Achieves a wide range of articulation Despite its large size, the new joint structure enables bold posing. The arm (structure: patent pending) that connects the front skirt does not hinder movement, allowing for the reproduction of various scenes.
  • Front skirt The front skirt can be twisted and articulated with two arms.
  • Dedicated weapons are also included In addition to the Mk-V's dedicated beam rifle and shield, a beam saber and a large beam saber effect are included.
  • Water-slide decals included Water-slide decals, including original markings, are included.
  • Full-color packaging Delivered in a luxurious full-color package.

Included weapons:

  • Beam rifle
  • Shield
  • Funnels
  • Missile pods
  • Beam cannon
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