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MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack [R Type & V Type]

MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack [R Type & V Type]

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1/100 Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit Accessories

Release Date: June 2021

[ ! ] MG Gundam F90 Sold Separately

Mission Pack R (Reconnoiter) - A mission pack that is newly developed by Mr. Kunio Okawara for the Gundam F90 A-Z project to provide the Gundam F90 a spy type equipment.
  • The Gundam F90 is equipped with stealth system attached to its backpack that is extended to the front side of its body.
  • This expansion pack also features two cabled camera units attached to the sides of its arms.

Mission pack V (V.S.B.R.) Variable Speed Beam Rifle- A substantial prototype for the F91 unit, which was developed as a test base equipment for the armament of the new main MS of the Federal Army.
  • VSBR unit is composed with a backpack unit featuring two significant high powered cannons to give the Gundam F90 additional fire power just like the F91.
  • Both Gundam F90's combat and flight capabilities are expanded by installing two pairs of heat fin radiators on its legs and shoulders.
The kit is also completed with a new Gundam F90 beam rifle, installed with scope to its side for extended range use.
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