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MG Gundam Barbatos Expansion Set

MG Gundam Barbatos Expansion Set

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: October 2020

EVO Waterslide Decals: MG Barbatos Expansion Set Waterslide Decals [Fluorescent]

This product consists solely of expansion parts and does not include the Bandai 1/100 Master Grade Gundam Barbatos

Expansion Set includes parts necessary for the following forms

  • 1st Form
  • 2nd Form
  • 3rd Form
  • 5th Form
  • 5th Form Ground Battle Specification
  • 6th Form

Over-the-counter items Combining with the MS main unit (sold separately), an expansion parts set that can reproduce each form of Gundam Barbatos appears!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans", you can reproduce each armed form equipped by "Gundam Barbatos".

  • Commercialize weapons and optional parts as an expansion set.
  • The first 1/100 scale mobile worker is newly included! Orga Itsuka figure (standing) and new decals are also included!

*MS body is not included with this product.

*In order to reproduce each form, the pre-assembled "MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos" (sold separately, over-the-counter item) is required.

  • The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 5th ground battle specifications and 6 types of weapons and optional parts are reproduced with new modeling.
  • Equipped with details and gimmicks that contain the density and amount of information unique to MG.

1st form

  • The armor on both shoulders has been removed. Reproduce the left arm armor and shield with new modeling.

2nd form

  • Newly shaped armor on both shoulders. Reproduce blue and white coloring with molding colors

3rd form

  • The characteristic wire claw on the left arm is equipped with a deployment gimmick.
  • It is possible to reproduce the injection scene with the attached lead wire.

5th form

  • Each equipment for the Earth descent strategy is reproduced with new modeling.
  • The waist booster that diverted Schwalbe Graze's one can expand the thruster part.
  • The arm mortar reproduces the movable gimmick at the time of shooting.

5th form ground battle specification

  • A newly reproduced wrench mace as long as the MS body. Can be opened and closed by interlocking gimmick.
  • Arm machine guns and enlarged legs are thoroughly reproduced with new parts. Comes with a rubber seal that considers grounding.

6th form

  • Based on the 5th form, the armor shape and coloring applied to the upper body are three-dimensionalized with new parts.
  • Faithfully reproduce the waist booster for the sixth form.

A mobile worker is included!

  • First three-dimensional 1/100 scale mobile worker. Two types of weapons can be reproduced by recombination.
  • In addition to being able to reproduce a general machine and a commander machine by selection, it is equipped with a gimmick for opening and closing the cockpit.
  • A newly-sculpted Orga Itsuka figure (standing) is included.
  • A newly designed water transfer decal is included!
  • In addition to the Tekkadan logo, a wide variety of markings such as the Gjallarhorn and Bauduin family crests, and damage expression decals are included.

Set content

  • Left arm parts for 1st to 2nd form
  • Shoulder armor for 2nd to 3rd form
  • Wire claw for 3rd form
  • Wrench mace
  • Chest Reactive Armor
  • Arm Mortar
  • Lumbar Arm
  • Waist Booster for 5th Form
  • Armor for 6th Form
  • Arm Autocannon
  • Waist booster for 6th form
  • Mobile worker
  • Orga Itsuka figure (standing)
  • Water slide decal

Original Japanese Description:

店頭販売アイテム MS本体(別売り)に組み合わせて、ガンダムバルバトスの各形態を再現可能な拡張パーツセットが登場!

『機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ』より、”ガンダム・バルバトス”が装備した各武装形態を再現できる、

  • 武装とオプションパーツを拡張セットとして商品化。
  • 1/100スケールとして初となるモビルワーカーが新規付属!オルガ・イツカのフィギュア(立ち)と新規デカールも同梱!


※各形態を再現するには、組み立て前の「MG 1/100 ガンダムバルバトス」(別売り 店頭販売アイテム)がそれぞれ必要です。




  • 両肩の装甲が外された状態。左腕の装甲とシールドを新規造形で再現。


  • 両肩のアーマーを新規造形。青と白のカラーリングを成形色で再現


  • 特徴的な左腕のワイヤークロ―は、展開ギミックを搭載。
  • 付属のリード線により射出シーンの再現が可能。


  • 地球降下作戦用の各装備を新規造形で再現。
  • シュヴァルベ・グレイズのものを流用した腰部ブースターはスラスター部の展開が可能。
  • 腕部迫撃砲は射撃時の可動ギミックを再現。


  • MS本体ほどの長さのレンチメイスを新規に再現。連動ギミックにより開閉が可能。
  • 腕部機関砲と大型化された脚部を新規パーツで徹底再現。接地性を考慮したラバーシールが付属。


  • 第5形態をベースに上半身に施されたアーマーの形状、カラーリングを新規パーツで立体化。


  • モビルワーカーが付属!


  • 選択式で一般機、指揮官機を再現できるほか、コックピットの開閉ギミックを搭載。
  • 新規造形のオルガ・イツカのフィギュア(立ち)が付属。
  • 新規デザインの水転写式デカールが付属!
  • 鉄華団のロゴに加え、ギャラルホルンやボードウィン家の紋章、ダメージ表現用デカールといったバラエティー豊かなマーキングを収録。


  • 第1~第2形態用左腕パーツ / 第2~第3形態用肩装甲 / 第3形態用ワイヤークロー / レンチメイス /
  • 胸部反応装甲 / 腕部迫撃砲 / 腰部アーム / 第5形態用腰部ブースター / 第6形態用装甲 / 腕部機関砲 /
  • 第6形態用腰部ブースター / モビルワーカー / オルガ・イツカのフィギュア(立ち) / 水転写式デカール
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