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MG GM Sniper Custom [Tenneth A.Jung Custom]

MG GM Sniper Custom [Tenneth A.Jung Custom]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: January 20th, 2018

Featuring the Earth Federation's top ace wielding the L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle

Captain Tenneth A. Jung's piloted Jim Sniper Custom is now available as a Master Grade model! Recreating the unit's colors, armaments, markings, and Tenneth's distinctive features!

  • The distinctive weapon, the L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle, is faithfully recreated with new sculpting!
  • Tenneth's iconic L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle is meticulously recreated with rich details.
  • It's a long-range rifle known for its high accuracy.

Replicating personal colors and markings!

  • Tenneth's machine's coloring, primarily dark green, is reproduced using molded colors.
  • Newly designed water-slide decals are included, featuring various markings, including a personal emblem inspired by the Shumokuzame motif.

A wide range of accessories for versatile posing!

Included armaments:

  • L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle
  • R-4 Type Beam Rifle
  • Twin Beam Gun
  • Hyper Bazooka
  • Beam Spray Gun
  • Beam Saber
  • Folding Handgun 
  • Shield

ACE PILOT LOG Ace Pilot Log [U.C. Edition]

  • A web project tracing the "logs" (records) left by "Ace Pilots" and their mobile suits in the history of the Universal Century!
  • Volume 05 features the "Tenneth A. Jung Machine"!

Tenneth A. Jung [テネス・A・ユング ]is an Earth Federation Forces ace mobile suit pilot featured in the Mobile Suit Variations design series and Mobile Suit Gundam: Big Picture Book of Strategy and Tactics - One Year's War Complete Record.

  • Tenneth was a high-ranking officer in the Earth Federation Space Force. An expert in long-range combat, his shooting skills were highly praised during the One Year War.
  • He is the Federation's highest scoring ace, with a kill record of 149 mobile suits shot down and 3 ships destroyed during the war.
  • Jung's record surpasses even Amuro Ray's, and because of this, he is rumored to be a Newtype.
  • He is known to have faced-off against Zeon ace Breniff Oguz.
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