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MG Gelgoog [Ver 2.0] [High Mobility Type] [Uma Lightning Custom]

MG Gelgoog [Ver 2.0] [High Mobility Type] [Uma Lightning Custom]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: December 2017

Operated by the Blue Ace, the highest model of Mass Production Type suit in the One Year War is released as Ver.2.0 Master Grade kit!

MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type is released in Master Grade!

  • Each characteristic suit form is reproduced with new molding! Special coloring for Lieutenant Uma Lightning shows off the “Blue Lightning” nickname!
  • The head, back, and other parts are reproduced with new molding!
  • Each body part, including the head part, Booster pack, and leg part is thoroughly reproduced using new molding that conforms to the MG standard.

【Head part】

  • Reproduces the characteristic form of the main camera equipped with a Blade Antenna base, and the intake on the side of the head.

【Booster pack】   

  • New molding is used for the booster on the back, which is characteristic of Gelgoog High Mobility Type.    


  • New molding is added that reproduces the waist armor joints through black colored molding.  


  • Added tank and thruster are repdoduced with new molding. Moreover, the form of leg armor is changed.  

Ver.2.0 Gelgoog body which has a wide range of mobility is adopted for main body!

Gelgoog High Mobility Type's armor is newly reproduced!!

In addition to an altered Beam Rifle shape, new weapons are included, such as a large Missile Launcher!

【Beam Rifle】

  • Equipped with a new Beam Rifle that is loaded with a Grenade Launcher below the barrel.    

【Missile Launcher】   

  • Includes a simplified Missile Launcher created by Chimera Corps to correspond to the requirements of the Pilot.

【Rats River Triple Barrel Missile】  

  • Remove the arm and use the joint parts to connect. Can be equipped to either the left or right arm.     

Includes Shield and Beam Naginata!

Includes newly designed water slide decals!

New drawings have been created. In addition to Lieutenant Uma Lightning's personal mark, newly designed water slide decals are included with line markings and more. 

Weapons :

  • Beam Rifle
  • Missile Launcher
  • Rats River Triple Barrel Missile
  • Beam Naginata
  • Shield
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