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MG Geara Zulu Resin Conversion Kit

MG Geara Zulu Resin Conversion Kit

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1/100 Scale MG Geara Zulu Guards Type [Erika Custom] Resin Conversion Kit from Stickler Studio

This product contains the following

  • MG Geara Zulu Guards Type [Erika Custom] Resin Conversion Kit
  • Custom Photoetch Detail Parts
  • Metal Thrusters × 6
  • Waterslide Decals
  • Instruction Manual

This is a Resin Conversion Kit that will require sanding and fixing of certain parts within the kit Intended for Experienced Modelers



[ ! ] This kit requires and does not include the Bandai MG 1/100 GM Sniper II for assembly

[ ! ] This kit consists solely of unpainted resin parts. Painting is required in order to reproduce the product as shown in the images

[ ! ] Resin dust are toxic. A mask should be worn at all times when working with resin pieces.

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Customer Reviews

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Great kit

The resin kit fits beautifully on the gm sniper 2 frame, though they aren't super clear about how far up to cut the calf. Some of the resin stand in parts also don't supply the same grip at the original styrene frame. Probably my biggest gripe would be the shoulders. They're designed in such a way that significantly hinders movement on an otherwise perfect garage kit. My copy came in in good time but the plastic box it was in looks like it had been crushed in the warehouse before being boxed up, can't complain though since everything was there and in perfect shape