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MG Geara Doga [Rezin Schynder Custom]

MG Geara Doga [Rezin Schynder Custom]

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1/100 Master Grade Premium Bandai Model Kit

Release Date: October 2013

 "Introducing the Master Grade release of the blue Geara Doga from [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: CHAR'S COUNTERATTACK], piloted by the skilled Rezin Schnyder!

  • Experience the iconic color scheme of the ace pilot, Rezin Schnyder, faithfully replicated through precise color molding!
  • Achieve dynamic action poses with the flexible joints and movable structure implemented in various parts of the model.
  • The mono-eye can elegantly swing left and right. Add an extra touch by using the separately sold LED unit (pink) to recreate the mesmerizing glow of the mono-eye.
  • Realism is enhanced with soft material power pipes, providing a lifelike texture.
  • Elevate emotion expression with the inclusion of finger-movable manipulators and interchangeable hand parts.
  • Immerse yourself in battle scenes from the show with an array of weapons, including Beam Machine Guns (2 types), Sturm Faust, Beam Sword Axe (with 3 types of beam effects), and a Shield."
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