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MG Exia Repair III

MG Exia Repair III

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1/100 Master Grade Premium Bandai Model Kit

Action base is sold separately
GN Long Rifle | GN Sword Kai | GN Long Blade | GN Short Blade | GN Beam Saber | GN Beam Dagger | GN Shield
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
No adhesives required for assembly
Exia Repair III (or R3) is the successor of R2 and the third version of Gundam Exia. With the 5th Generation Gundams taking top priority, Celestial Being soon found itself lacking a competent mobile suit (MS) force. With the Earth Sphere Federation developing mobile suits surpassing the 3.5 generation Gundams, Celestial Being decided to overhaul the Exia R2 and re-designating it as the GN-001REIII Gundam Exia Repair III.
As a result of the new political climate, Celestial Being made the decision to refrain from interventions unless it was absolutely necessary. Even then, concealment of the Gundams remains a top priority for them and they prefer to carry out the interventions using other machines (e.g. CBNGN-003 Union Flag Celestial Being Version). However, the Gundams are still deployed but only as a last resort. During this time, Celestial Being had limited access to the Orbital Elevators and had difficulties moving the Gundams between Earth and space. As a result, different machines are assigned different places and the Exia Repair III was assigned to Earth.
Celestial Being had lost 3 GN Drives during the final battle against the Innovators, forcing engineers to outfit Exia R3 with a GN Condenser as a power source. Exia R3 was also given new GN Thrusters to maximize particle efficiency and the newly designed, enlarged knee and shoulder armor, contain GN Condensers inside them. The suit has a new weapon in the form of the GN Long Rifle, which allows it to destroy enemy units from long range and without being seen by them. The rifle is affixed to the left arm and can be folded up for storage. Overall, it can be assumed that the Exia Repair III surpasses Exia Repair II in the sense of usability with its equipment upgrades; the lack of a GN Drive however is a weakness as it means it has an operational time limit.
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