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MG Ex-S [Ver 1.5] [2019 Release]

MG Ex-S [Ver 1.5] [2019 Release]

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 20th, 2019

The Ex-S Gundam from "Gundam Sentinel" has been upgraded!

  • The shape has been revamped based on the concept of "more Sentinel-like, more S-Gundam-like". S Gundam and Ex-S Gundam can be assembled selectively.
  • You can reproduce the separation and combination of "G Core", "G Attacker", and "G Bomber".
  • The head, shoulders, chest, and backpack use new parts made with the MG 1/100 PLAN303E Deep Striker. The shape change parts of the abdomen are also newly shaped.
  • Comes with beam smart gun and other main weapons.
  • Hand parts are newly created with palms (left and right) that are ideal for posing with the beam smart gun.
  • Incom has also been revamped, and it has been refurbished so that it can reproduce not only color coding but also injection scenes.
  • Three-dimensional reproduction with multiple structures unique to MG. Built-in high-density frame throughout the body.


  • Beam Smart Gun x 1
  • Beam Saber (Beam Cannon) x 2
  • Incom x 3


  • Molded product x 49
  • Foil sticker x 1
  • Marking sticker x 1
  • Lead wire x 3
  • Screw x 29
  • Instruction manual x 1

Original Japanese Description:

■頭部・肩部・胸部・バックパックはMG 1/100 PLAN303E ディープストライカーで新造したパーツを使用。腹部の形状変更パーツも新たに造形。



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