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MG Dwadge Custom

MG Dwadge Custom

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: November 2019

The Desert Rommel takes the field – MS-09H Dwadge Custom Master Grade is here!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ," the Dwadge Custom piloted by Desert Rommel is now available in the Master Grade series. The distinctive head, chest, shoulders, and beam cannon are faithfully recreated, with some new sculpted parts.

  • Thoroughly reproduce the Dwadge Custom's mobile suit shape with some new sculpted parts!
  • Based on the MS-09G Dwadge, new parts were added to pursue the shape of the Dwadge Custom.
  • The enlargement of the mono-eye visor and the change to two 60mm Vulcans are recreated with new sculpted parts.


  • The details of the two 60mm Vulcans on the sides are newly sculpted.


  • The firing port of the diffusion beam cannon, inheriting from the Dom lineage, is recreated with new sculpted parts.


  • The addition of four large chemical fuel boosters on the rear armor is thoroughly recreated.

Front Armor

  • The distinctive shape with a duct in the center is recreated with new sculpted parts. The left and right armor can move independently.

Recreate the Beam Cannon with new sculpted parts!

  • The Beam Cannon obtained after attacking a Federation base is recreated with new sculpted parts. It features movable gimmicks in the grip and the foregrip of the barrel.

Various armaments included: Heat Saber, Heat Tomahawk, and more!

  • Close combat weapons such as the heat saber that can be suspended on the side of the shoulder-mounted large boosters and the heat hawk, which has a double-edged heat tomahawk, are included.

Water slide decals with new designs are included!

Accessory weapons:

  • Beam Cannon
  • Heat Tomahawk
  • Heat Saber
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