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MG Dwadge

MG Dwadge

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: April 2019

The Rising Desert Warrior - MS-09G Dowadge Emerges in Master Grade!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ," the mass-produced MS Dowadge, which continues the legacy of the Dom, makes its debut in the Master Grade series.

  • It faithfully reproduces the distinctive features of its head, back, rear armor, legs, various armaments, and more through meticulous new modeling.
  • With updated joint parts, dynamic posing becomes achievable.

Comprehensive Reproduction of Dowadge's Aircraft Shape with New Modeling:

  • Based on the MS-09 Dom, new parts have been incorporated to pursue the various forms of the Dowadge.


  • The side details of the head, including the addition of four Vulcan cannons, are meticulously recreated with new modeling.


  • From the chest armor to the shoulder, the armor and power pipes are replicated using new parts.
  • Furthermore, the entire torso, including the shape of the rear torso armor from the back of the head to the backpack, is reproduced with new molding parts.


  • It comes equipped with a whip antenna and a propellant tank.
  • Details such as the intake port of the thermonuclear jet engine and the mold shape inside the thruster are precisely recreated.
  • The backpack also allows for the mounting of a heat saber on the side.

Rear Armor:

  • The distinctive shape of the rear armor is faithfully reproduced with new molding.
  • The "louvers" for dust prevention and heat dissipation adjustment during hovering are precisely replicated.


  • The arm shape is meticulously reproduced through new molding.
  • Joint molds and color coding of the armor are comprehensively replicated with new parts.


  • A drop tank has been added to the calf, and the characteristic details on the sides are accurately reproduced with new modeling.

Thorough Reproduction of Various Armaments with New Modeling:

  • The Dowadge's armament is meticulously recreated with new modeling.

Giant Buzz:

  • The scope has been removed, and features like the thermal jacket for barrel heating reduction in high-temperature environments and a smoke discharger have been added.
  • Some new parts are incorporated for this representation.
  • Moreover, grip parts with varying angle ribs ensure a strong grip and freedom in posing.

Heat Tomahawk:

  • The melee weapon, a double-edged heat hawk, is reproduced through new modeling.

Heat Saber:

  • The heat saber is faithfully recreated with new modeling, employing a built-in pull-up type rib for secure holding.

Updated Joint Mechanism:

  • The joints have been updated from the base kit, MG MS-09 Dom, enabling three-dimensional mobility in the latest MG format.

Shoulder Joint:

  • Both shoulders are equipped with a forward swing mechanism, allowing for smooth posing of the impressive Giant Buzz without any interference.


  • A back-and-forth swing mechanism has been implemented at the base of the thighs, ensuring powerful posing when combined with ankle stability.


  • Horizontal thigh swings have been added to support a variety of movements.

Emotion Manipulator:

  • The wrist design has been changed to incorporate the latest MG format's emotion manipulator, enabling flexible independent movement of each finger.

Water Transfer Decals with New Designs Included!

Included Armament:

  • Giant Buzz
  • Heat Tomahawk
  • Heat Saber
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