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MG Destiny Gundam [Extreme Burst Mode]

MG Destiny Gundam [Extreme Burst Mode]

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: October 2007

The MG Destiny Gundam comes with an "Extreme Blast Mode" that comes with effect parts that recreate scenes from the play

  • The most impressive wings of light are specially processed PET material to reproduce even complex light 
  • Emitted from the palm of your hand Parma Fiocina and beam boomerang throwing scenes can also be recreated with the included effect parts
  • The joints such as elbows and knees are plated with a heavy feel
  • Comes with 1/20 scale figures of Kira Yamato and Shin Asuka

Additional Features Include

  • Metallic Silver Finished Joints and Hands
  • Light Wing Expansion Pieces
  • "Palma Fiocina" Palm Beam Gun Effect Parts
  • Beam Boomerang Effect Parts
  • Exclusive Action Base

Original Japanese Description:

MGデスティニーガンダムに、劇中のシーンを再現するエフェクトパーツが付属した“エクストリームブラストモード”登場 最も印象的な光の翼はPET素材に特殊加工を施し複雑な光まで再現 手のひらから放たれるパルマフィオキーナやビーム・ブーメラン投擲シーンも付属のエフェクトパーツで再現可能 重厚感溢れるメッキ加工をヒジ、膝など関節部に採用 キラ・ヤマト、シン・アスカの1/20スケールフィギュアが付属

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Customer Reviews

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Antonio M.
Immaclute Parcel

It was my first kit that bought and it was a big suprised where the parcel came was fasr and it like never been touched where the package is professionaly preffered. Highly recomnded to all Gunpla hobbies outthere.