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MG Crossbone Gundam X2 Ver.Ka

MG Crossbone Gundam X2 Ver.Ka

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Gundam Model Kit


Crossbone Gundam X2 Custom(From "MOBILE SUIT CROSSBONE GUNDAM" (KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.)) is released in the Katoki Hajime-produced Master Grade “Ver.Ka” series.
The characteristic Mobile Suit shape is thoroughly reproduced, and a large Buster Launcher is included!
  • The shape of the back thrusters is reproduced.
  • The characteristic main thruster on the back is reproduced with new parts.
  • Each of the 2 sub thrusters and radiation fins are thoroughly reproduced with an enlarged thruster shape and distinct coloring.
  • Buster Launcher : Includes a large Buster Launcher, the special weapon for Crossbone Gundam X2 Custom, created with new structuring that is rich in detail.
  • Loaded with MG “Ver.Ka”original gimmicks: Using the original gimmick was directed by Mr. Katoki. Reproduce a compact carrying form by unfolding the lower rest and grip, rotating the gun barrel 180 degrees, and folding. Buster Launcher size: Approximately 215mm
  • Fully Armed: In addition to Buster Launcher, includes a variety of unique weapons such as Zanbuster, Brand Marker, Beam Shield, along with a Heat Dagger affixed to the leg, and a Scissor Anchor on the rear of the front armor, etc. 
  • Includes water slide decals with “Ver. Ka” marking.      
  • In addition to lines and caution marks, a variety of markings for the chest are also included.
  • The full color package uses newly drawn illustrations by Katoki Hajime.
  • Includes a special right hand part for stably gripping Buster Launcher.
  • Supported by Action Base 1, so dynamic action poses can be displayed.   
Weapons :
Buster Launcher | Buster Gun | Beam Zanber | Scissor Anchor | Screw Whip | Brand Marker | Heat Dagger | Beam Saber | Beam Shield  
1/100 scale assembly plastic model For ages 15 and up
Primary materials: :PS・ABS・PVC・PET
No adhesives required for assembly
Unlike many mobile suits developed by the SNRI, which were designed for use around the Earth orbit, the F-97 is specifically designed to be used around Jupiter, whose strong gravity field would generate serious propulsion problems. For units operating on Earth and around Earth orbit, the problem of high mobility was solved putting numerous thrusters all over the mobile suit's body. However, under Jupiter's gravitational influence, this would require enlargement of the thrusters, leading to an increase of the mobile suit's size and mass. Moreover, in order to use the larger thrusters a larger and more powerful generator would be needed, adding to the general mass.
To solve this matter, Crossbone Gundam is equipped with long variable X-shaped thrusters, composed of four thrusters can be pointed at any direction: with the addition of AMBAC, the main thrusters allow high mobility around Jupiter's orbit, while combined into one huge rocket column they largely increased the unit's top speed, without increasing the size and mass of the mobile suit. Due to the fact that it was created to be used in Jupiter's orbit, when the F-97 is used on Earth it's more difficult for the pilot to control.
In order to increase the pilot survivability, the F-97 is equipped with a plug-in type core fighter, which the variable thrusters and the two standard beam sabers are attached to.
Though technically the Crossbone Gundams are general purpose mobile suits, they were designed with extra emphasis on their close range combat abilities. With their high mobility, the Crossbone Gundams easily outmaneuver most enemy mobile suits, allowing them to slip into close range and past the beam shield. Additionally, Crossbone Vanguard leader, Berah Ronah, sought to fight the war against the Jupiter Empire with as little loss of life as possible. With blades it is easier to take out a mobile suit without destroying the cockpit than it is with a beam rifle.
Another new feature utilized by the F-97 is the Anti-Beam Coating cloak, which can be stored in the back and unfolded when needed. When unfolded, it covered the entire body of the mobile suit, and dispersed beam energy over the cloak. It could usually withstand five standard beam shots without spending any energy, with the additional advantage of stealth. Other armaments included the standard beam sabers, daggers (underneath the feet), scissor anchors (mounted on front skirts, as hidden weapons) and two brand markers, which could either act as beam shields or a shorter beam saber. Like its predecessor F91 Gundam F91, its "mouth" could be opened as a vent.
Three units in total were made, and all of them were given by SNRI to the Crossbone Vanguard. In order to cover this secret dealing, they were assigned the codes XM-X1, XM-X2, and XM-X3.
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