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MG Advanced GN-X

MG Advanced GN-X

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: July 2017

Advance Jinx - GNX-604T Custom Unit in the Later Production Phase - Joins the Master Grade Lineup!

  • From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V," the custom unit of the Jinx in its later production phase, the Advance Jinx, is being released as a 1/100 Master Grade model kit!
  • Distinctive features like the GN Defense Rods on its head and shoulders are meticulously recreated with new molds that adhere to Master Grade standards.
  • Additionally, it comes with the Proto GN Lance and Advance GN Beam Rifle!

Key Features:

Meticulous Reproduction of Distinctive Parts with New Molds:

  • Customized head, thigh, and shoulder parts are thoroughly recreated with new molds that align with MG standards.


  • The head, featuring prominent antennas, is recreated with new molds.
  • The shape of the two pairs of main cameras is faithfully reproduced to match the design concept from the reference artwork.


  • The thigh armor, with added GN Verniers, is recreated with new parts.
  • Beam Saber storage is possible through a sliding gimmick.


  • The GN Defense Rods added to both shoulders are recreated with new molds.

Proto GN Lance and New Beam Rifle Included:

  • It includes the exclusive weaponry, the Proto GN Lance, newly added.
  • Additionally, the Advance GN Beam Rifle, featuring a distinctive mid-type barrel, is included with new parts.

Proto GN Lance:

  • The large close combat weapon, the "Proto GN Lance," exclusive to the Advance Jinx, is meticulously recreated with new molds.

Advance GN Beam Rifle:

  • The distinctive mid-type barrel is replicated using new parts.
  • A Beam Saber can be attached to the lower end of the barrel.

Newly Designed Water-Transfer Decals Included!

The chest unit can accommodate the Gunpla LED Unit (sold separately) for illuminated effects!

Included Weapons:

  • Proto GN Lance
  • Advance GN Beam Rifle
  • GN Beam Saber
  • GN Shield
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