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Xiaozhe Theair Studio

Metal Thrusters

Metal Thrusters

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Interior Color

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Each set contains metal parts for assembling 2 thrusters

Interior colored in either blue or red

Thrusters' exterior can be colored by first applying metal primers

Assembly of the thruster requires the use of instant glue 

Installation of the thruster requires the drilling of a 2mm hole for the plastic rod to be glued into

Thrusters were designed to be in scale with most 1/100 Gundam kits, but can be used on other scales where the user sees fit

A single thruster consists of the following separated parts:

  • 5 metal parts
  • 2 photoetch turbine parts
  • 1 plastic rod

Product Dimensions

  • Diameter 8mm
  • Length 16mm

[ ! ] Installation of this thruster involves drilling, sanding, gluing and requires the corresponding tools. Not intended for snap builders.

[ ! ] Metal detail parts can be extremely small. Please keep out of reach of children.

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