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Metal Build Gundam Astraea & Proto GN High Mega Launcher

Metal Build Gundam Astraea & Proto GN High Mega Launcher

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1/100 Scale Bandai Die-Cast Metal Inner Frame Frame Gundam Figure

The pearly suit in the image of TYPE-F 15 years ago is now released.

  • Astraea is getting its model debut with its giant GN Shield connected via energy cable to the 'Proto GN High Mega Launcher', newly designed for METAL BUILD, just like TYPE-F
  • The Astraea series is now on show with block toy-like features with its compatibility with TYPE-F weaponry !

Product Description

  • Main body
  • Exchangeable hand left/right x 4 types
  • Exchangeable Rear Skirt
  • Exchangeable weapon latch for the waist x 2
  • Proto GN Sword (for right arm)
  • Proto GN High Mega Launcher
  • Grip for Proto GN High Mega Launcher
  • GN Beam Rifle
  • Grip x 2 for GN Beam Saber, Beam Dagger
  • GN Beam Saber Blade x 2
  • GN Beam Dagger Blade x 2
  • GN Launcher
  • GN Shield (Large)
  • GN Shield
  • Joint Parts for GN Shield
  • Energy cable
  • Connection arm set
  • Dedicated pedestal set

Product Material: ABS, PVC, Diecast

Product Size: Height: approx 180mm

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