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Metal Build Evangelion Unit-00

Metal Build Evangelion Unit-00

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The long-awaited "METAL BUILD Evangelion No. 0" is finally unveiled with new equipment that can be used for "METAL BUILD Evangelion No. 1" and "METAL BUILD Evangelion No. 2".

The long-awaited No. 0 machine appears in the giant METAL BUILD Evangelion series with steel muscles. In addition to the " portable battery " and "recoilless rifle" newly set by designer Ikuto Yamashita, "replacement shoulder parts" that can reproduce the state with the shoulder pylon removed are for 3 units of No. 0 / No. 1 / No. 2 Included. The new development of METAL BUILD Evangelion, which will be reborn into a new form, has started.

Total Height:  220mm


  • Body
  • Replacement Wrist Left And Right Each Four
  • Palette Rifle
  • Palette rifle magazine
  • Thigh Pylon
  • progressive - knife
  • progressive - sheath for the knife
  • carrying battery left and right × 2
  • carrying for the battery holder
  • battery for the joint set
  • recoilless Left and right rifles
  • left and right shoulder parts for reproducing Unit 0 , battle visor
  • Joint set
  • Umbilical cable set
  • Stand set Strut
  • replacement shoulder parts for Unit 1 left and right
  • replacement shoulder parts for Unit 2 left and right
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