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Kumano Cleaning Brush

Kumano Cleaning Brush

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From the shop owner (Shokuningunpla): Brush for cleaning airbrush cups. I personally recommend this product and rate it 10/10 in terms functionality. Makes cleaning in between switching colors a piece of cake. If you're still using cotton swabs then this is a definite upgrade to your airbrushing experience.

A special brush is designed specifically for cleaning the cup of the airbrush handpiece.

It helps save your tool wash.

  • The brush effectively cleans areas that are difficult to remove with regular "gargle cleaning," such as the back of the needle and paint residue that sticks to the bottom of the cup.
  • It is not suitable for scraping off completely solidified paint; it is recommended to dissolve it partially with thinner before cleaning.
  • By using a washing brush to clean the inside of the cup before "gargle washing," you can reduce the amount of thinner needed for the cleaning process.
  • The brush is made of "PBT" material, which is ideal for cleaning purposes.
  • The ear neck of the brush utilizes PBT material known for its excellent chemical resistance.
  • It features strong elasticity, allowing for thorough cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • The brush tips are designed in a shape that facilitates easy organization and handling.
  • The brush shaft is made of unpainted wood, ensuring that paint on the shaft does not come off and minimizing the spread of unnecessary dirt during cleaning.
  • If there is paint on the shaft rod, it can be wiped off with a model thinner.

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Customer Reviews

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Jae Y.
Amazing little tool

Was honestly surprised how well this worked, no more paper towels for cleaning airbrush cups.