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JPN-00 Clan Symbol [Orange]

JPN-00 Clan Symbol [Orange]

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[JPN-00] [Two-Toned]

Ultra HD Water Transfer decals from HIQParts

Clean prints under magnifying lenses

Featuring various clan symbols and caution signs for adding a cyberpunk vibe to your build

Colored in Orange and White

Actual sheet holding the decals is colored in light blue, pictures intended for illustrating effects of different color combinations

Translations as follows:

  • 排熱註意:Caution - Heat Emission/Blast
  • 表面高溫:Heated/High Temperature Surface
  • 感電危險:Caution - High Voltage
  • 分解嚴禁:Do Not Disassemble

A water transfer type decal designed based on Japanese culture such as kanji, family crests, and patterns.

  • The beginning of the development was that I wanted to create a lineup of products that could be promoted as "Japanese decals" for overseas.
  • Adopting a modern arrangement of one of the Edo characters, "Kakuji", the font "Masquare" is interwoven with family crests, Japanese patterns, notes mixed with kanji, etc., and is proposed as one of the Japanese SF decals. To go.

Silk screen printing.

It is characterized by good color development and lack of color unevenness.

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Printing Silk screen printing (made in Japan)
Size 156mm x 110mm
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