IBO Full Mechanics Gundam Vidar

IBO Full Mechanics Gundam Vidar

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1/100 Scale Bandai Full Mechanics Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: December 23rd, 2016

From the second season of "Iron-Blooded Orphans", a new Gundam Frame appears in the 1/100 scale "Full Mechanics" series!

  • High-end specifications with a mechanical feel that can not be drawn in anime, including details drawn by Mr. Ippei Gyobu, who is in charge of mechanical design!
  • Equipped with various gimmicks for high mobility, the Gundam frame is also reproduced in detail!
  • 6 blades can be replaced, and a rail slide gimmick is implemented on the waist binder that serves as a scabbard!
  • Sword drawing action looks good!

Original Japanese Description:


  • メカデザインを担当する形部一平氏が描き下ろしたディテールを盛り込んだ、アニメでは描ききれないメカニカル感あふれるハイエンド仕様!
  • 高い可動性に様々なギミックを搭載し、ガンダム・フレームも細部まで再現!
  • 刀身は6本を差し替え可能で、鞘となる腰部バインダーにはレールスライドギミックを実装!
  • 抜刀アクションも見栄えよく決まる!
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