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HiRM Gundam Astray Red Frame Powered Red

HiRM Gundam Astray Red Frame Powered Red

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1/100 Scale Bandai Hi-Resolution Model Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: March 2022

The Gundam Astray Red Frame Powered Red from "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray" gets a spectacular new Hi-Resolution model kit from Bandai!

  • It incorporates the enhanced drive system known as the Power Cylinder; while maintaining the high-definition form that the Hi-Resolution lineup is known for, the Powered Red's distinctive shoulders and arms are newly modeled.
  • A finished frame, a Hi-Resolution hallmark, is included too.
  • The sub-arm that mounts the Gerbera Straight rotates, enabling realistic sword-drawing poses.
  • The Gerbera Straight's blade is embossed and plated, and the stem is engraved as well.
  • The upper arm, elbow and wrist armor move smoothly in conjunction with the joints.
  • The shoulder deployment gimmick reproducing the Full Power Mode is included too, and a huge manipulator-using system is also included.
  • Order this incredible model kit for your own collection now!


  • Gerbera Straight
  • Beam saber (x2)
  • Finished frame
  • Marking stickers
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Aldwin C.

1 of the best Gundam i ever built