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HG Zaku I [Char Aznable Custom] [GTO]

HG Zaku I [Char Aznable Custom] [GTO]

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[ ! ] This differs from the other HG Char Aznable's Zaku I [GTO] in terms of shoulder armor. This one does not have the left shoulder armor spike and right shoulder shield, but contains a hand-held shield.

1/144 Scale Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: March 11th, 2017

From "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IV The Eve of Fate" comes a kit of the red "Zaku I" driven by Char Aznable, who engaged with the Iron Cavalry Company in the Battle of the Smith Sea!

Not only all the weapons used in the play are included, but also two types of heat hawks, one for handheld and one for mount, are included!

The backpack is a new model, and the markings on each part are reproduced with Tetron stickers!

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