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HG Zaku Desert Type

HG Zaku Desert Type

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: July 2020

Local type Zaku thrown into the African front

From "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery)

  • The initial production type "double antenna specification" of the tropical / desert warfare specification model Zaku / desert type, which is linked to the "Zaku" variation lineage, has been commercialized.
  • A new reproduction of the characteristic head shape. The impressive body color is reproduced with molding color, and camouflage patterns and line marks are expressed with water slide decals.
  • A wide variety of optional parts are included.
  • Reproduce the characteristic head shape with new parts
  • The head shape of the "double antenna specification" is reproduced with new modeling parts.
  • The details of the two types of long and short rod antennas and sensor cameras installed on the temporal region are reproduced in detail.
  • Reproduce the characteristic camouflage pattern with molding color and water transfer decal
  • The camouflage pattern for desert areas is reproduced with molding colors and water slide decals. Impressive camouflage patterns can be reproduced without painting.
  • In addition, characteristic line marks and unit marks are also included.
  • Comes with a wealth of optional parts such as special weapons and hand parts

Attached armament:

  • M-120AS Zaku Machine Gun
  • SA-712 Cracker Pod
  • Rats River P-3 Double Missile Pod
  • Rats River Triple Missile Pod
  • Heat Hawk
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