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HG Windam & Dagger L Expansion Set

HG Windam & Dagger L Expansion Set

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: August 2021

"HG 1/144 Windam" and "HG 1/144 Dagger L" (sold separately) interlocking items have appeared!

[ ! ] This product does not include the MS main body.

[ ! ] This product can be attached to both the back of "HG Windam" and "HG Dagger L."

  • From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY," the expansion equipment of Windam and Dagger L is newly developed and commercialized.
  • Includes items such as the "Multi Launcher Pack" and "Doppelhorn Twin Recoilless Cannon." Also comes with newly designed water slide decals.

Set Contents

  • Multi Launcher Pack (complete set)
  • Doppelhorn Twin Recoilless Cannon (complete set)
  • Mk315 Stiletto Throwing Propellant Armor-Piercing Penetrator
  • Water slide decals 

Multi Launcher Pack:

  • Reproduces the Multi Launcher Pack equipped by Windam in the series.
  • The unit base that mounts the launcher can be stored and deployed using a rotating axis mechanism.
  • The hatch opening and closing gimmick on the sides of the launcher is also reproduced.
  • Includes stored missile parts.
  • The missiles can be individually removed. An action base can be attached to the rocket propulsion section.
  • It is compatible with missile launch scenes.

Doppelhorn Twin Recoilless Cannon:

  • Reproduces the anti-ship equipment "Doppelhorn Twin Recoilless Cannon" carried by Dagger L and Windam.
  • The unit base can adjust the elevation angle using a movable axis.

Mk315 Stiletto Throwing Propellant Armor-Piercing Penetrator 

  • Comes with new parts.
  • Can be equipped to the MS.
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