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HG Tall Strike Gundam Glitter

HG Tall Strike Gundam Glitter

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai HG Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: May 2018

From the official Gaiden "Gundam Build Fighters AR". The "brilliance" of the rising star-Tatsuya Yuuki's best friend / Toru Satsuki's new favorite machine, Tall Strike Gundam Glitter, is here!

A remote-controlled weapon, Glitter Rev, equipped on both shoulders and a short pistol are newly included.

The main body is also recreated with new modeling!

  • Reproduce the armed and glitter rev of both shoulders with new modeling!
  • Reproduce the remote-controlled weapon Glitter Rev equipped on both shoulders with new modeling.
  • Can also be equipped on Amazing Strike Freedom.

A new short pistol is included! Two short pistols are newly included. A beam saber can be connected to the tip of the short pistol.

Reproduce the body shape customized by Toru's hand with new modeling!

  • Most of the head, such as the antenna and helmet, is composed of new parts.
  • Reproduce the chest and waist front skirt with new modeling.
  • New parts are used for knee armor, ankle guard, and toes.
  • Attached armament: Short pistol / Beam saber
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