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HG Pale Rider Cavalry

HG Pale Rider Cavalry

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Model Kit


From "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link", the aircraft was redesigned for mass production as a compilation of the "Pale Rider Plan". Commercialized Pale Rider Cavalry in the HG series.

Reproduce the shape and coloring based on the HG Pale Rider. The characteristic compound type special armament "Shekinner" is reproduced with new modeling, and various equipment is attached.

Reproduce the characteristic body exterior shape. The shape of the Pale Rider Cavalry, including the impressive head, chest, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and backpack, has been thoroughly reproduced with new modeling

  • The head with two impressive blade antennas is reproduced with new modeling. The visor part uses clear blue molded parts.
  • The details of the twin eyes are also reproduced in detail.
  • A backpack with 6 thrusters and a propellant tank is reproduced with new modeling. The propeller tank is removable.
  • The unit pack equipped on the right waist can be attached and detached according to the battle image.
  • Three-dimensional special weapons "Shekina" and "Beam Javelin" with new modeling!
  • Reproduce the special armament equipped on the right arm with new modeling. Precisely reproduces the details and is equipped with a removable gimmick.
  • By replacing the parts, the hatch opening and closing of the micro missile launcher can be reproduced.
  • The connection state with the right waist unit can be reproduced with the attached lead wire.
  • Beam javelin is also included with new modeling. The tip is reproduced with clear parts. Various action poses are possible in combination with the attached new left hand parts.
  • It is possible to reproduce the appearance when HADES is activated! The normal state and HADES activation state can be reproduced by selecting parts and stickers.
  • Attached armament: Shekina / Beam Javelin / Beam Saber / Hyper Beam Rifle / Shield
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