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HG Narrative Gundam [A-Packs]

HG Narrative Gundam [A-Packs]

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1/144 Scale Bandai High Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: November 30th, 2018

The leading role of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", MS Narrative Gundam, is now available in super-large equipment!

  • It is possible to reproduce the prime state with the super-large armed "A equipment" removed.
  • The chest deployment gimmick supports dynamic actions.
  • We adopt swing mechanism for hip joint axis and realize wide range movement of leg.
  • Reproduce a large volume propellant tank.
  • Reproduce the missile details in the hatch of the missile pod.
  • A stand that supports large equipment is included.


  • Beam saber x 2
  • Large beam saber x 2
  • Display pedestal x 1
  • Canon stand x 2

Product details

  • Molded product x 30
  • Foil seal x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1
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