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HG Messer Type-F02

HG Messer Type-F02

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: September 2021

Mufti's mass-produced MS, sortie

From "Flash Hathaway", the main MS Messer F02 type of the anti-Earth Federation government organization Mufty is commercialized in the HG series!

  • The F02 model that appears in the play, such as the legs with the added "lifting flare", is reproduced with new parts. Head parts that can reproduce the commander machine are included.

A thorough reproduction of the Messer F02!

  • The shape of the F02 model's legs with the added "lifting flare" has been precisely reproduced with new parts. In addition to the open left hand part
  • A new head part that can reproduce the commander's machine is included.
  • Movable gimmicks allow for a variety of action poses.
  • The hover running state in the play can also be rep roduced.

Attached Armament: Long Beam Rifle / Beam Saber / Shield

Original Japanese Description:

マ フ テ ィ ー の 量 産 型 M S 、 出 撃 ―


  • 「リフティング・フレア」を追加した脚部など劇中に登場するF02型の造形を新規パーツを交え再現。指揮官機を再現可能な頭部パーツが付属。
  • メッサーF02型を徹底再現!
  • 「リフティング・フレア」を追加したF02型の脚部形状を新規パーツを交え精密に再現。開いた状態の左手パーツに加え、
  • 指揮官機を再現可能な頭部パーツが新規造形で付属。
  • 可動ギミックにより多彩なアクションポーズが可能。
  • 劇中のホバー走行状態も再現可能。

付属武装 : ロング・ビーム・ライフル / ビーム・サーベル / シールド

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