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HG Load Astray Omega | Ω

HG Load Astray Omega | Ω

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: April 2022

"Branded with the name 'Ω', the Astray from 'Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY Princess of the Sky' is brought to the HG series.

  • The distinctive features of the unit's structure and the dedicated weapon, Load Long Sword, are faithfully recreated with new molded parts.
  • Metallic molding colors are adopted for the red lines on the arms and legs.

Reproduction of the details of Road Astray Ω with new parts!

  • The unique head with its large antenna, the back unit including the backpack for mounting the Road Long Sword, and impressive details across various parts like the arms and legs are meticulously recreated with new parts.


  • The distinctive head with a sharp and stylish shape, including the large antenna, is faithfully reproduced.

Chest, arms, and legs

  • The chest duct shape, knees, ankles, shoulder armor, and wrists, among other parts with distinctive features, are faithfully recreated.
  • The unique red lines on the arms and legs adopt metallic molding colors for accurate color separation.

Back unit

  • The backpack for mounting the Road Long Sword and the propulsion unit parts on the waist are reproduced.

The Road Long Sword, featuring versatile gimmicks, is included!

  • Recreating the unique dedicated weapon Road Long Sword, which can transform from a basic large sword to dual swords split on the left and right, or into a whip-like blade extending from the handle, various gimmicks are implemented.

Newly designed marking seals are included.

  • Dedicated marking seals, featuring patterns and emblem marks to embellish various parts of the unit, are provided.

Included Armament:

  • Road Long Sword"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M R.
Great Kit

Love the design of this one! Enjoyable build as well!


Awesome looking kit. Big thanks to Shokunin for getting it out to me so quickly.

So excited!

Aakash P.
Beeg Swod Dud

A real nice kit, this one. Comes with nice different forms of swords (I went with the giant version because big swords are cool), and the build itself is quite pleasurable and simple. Has some good panel lining spots, and the stickers it comes with add some nice decals to it (mainly the blue foil stickers, they're SO nice). I also adore the color scheme of black and white with bits of red here and there. Overall I think if you like Astray type kits this is a good one!