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HG Hrududu II Expansion Set

HG Hrududu II Expansion Set

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: October 17th, 2019

[ ! ] Two Hrududu II Expansion sets needs to be equipped to the TR-6 WoundWort in order to reproduce the unit as shown in the images

The Hrududu II is composed of two Claw Units and a Thruster Unit.

  • It consists of two multi-arm units which are connected to the Hrududu II's back armor.
  • It is possible for the Hrududu II to recombine parts and options on-the-spot by using the multi-arm units.

From "ADVANCE OF Z ~ Under the Flag of Titans ~", the support mechanism [Hrududu II] and Gundam TR-6 [Woundwart Rah] are reproduced in combination with the separately sold items. 

  • An expansion set that can be done is now available in the HG series.
  • The support mechanism [Fluddo II] can be reproduced in combination with the Gundam TR-6 [Hazel II]. I
  • Including the separately sold HG Gundam TR-6 [Hazel II] drum frame, rear armor (boost pod) and composite shield. By combining some parts such as boosters, the support mechanism [Fluddo II] can be reproduced.
  • Can be combined with Gundam TR-6 [Wound Wart] to reproduce [Wound Wart Ra]
  • By combining 2 items of this product and 2 items of "HG Gundam TR-6 [Wound Wart]" sold separately, the enhanced form [Wound Wart Ra] can be reproduced.
  • Comes with a marking sticker containing various joint parts and unit marks!
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