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HG Hi-Nu Gundam Influx

HG Hi-Nu Gundam Influx

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: May 2017

Photography in Collaboration with Mr. NAOKI

The Gunpla of the black Hi-v Gundam, which is popular in the side story “Gundam Build Fighters A/D”, is now released! It also appears in the HOBBY HOBBY Imaging Builders the Web-based project on the official website for the much-talked-about Gundam Build Fighters Try

From the side story “Gundam Build Fighters A” (Gundam A, a monthly magazine published by Kadokawa Corporation), the Hi-v Gundam Influx, which comes with impressive coloring and equipment, is released in the HGBF series. It has a distinctive head form and is equipped with Influx Weapon Binders fitted with the wings on its back! The Influx Machine Gun in a new design is also reproduced!     

  • The main tone is in black and grey! The distinctive form of the head is reproduced in new design! The body of the MS is reproduced with black molding parts, and the various grey tones give a different impression from the Hi-v Gundam Vrabe. The head, with blade antennas and face in different form, is reproduced in new design.
  • Equipped with the large Influx Weapon Binders at the back! Based on the Amazing Weapon Binders, the distinctive wings on each side of the Influx Weapon Binders are reproduced in new design. Weapons are stored in this Weapon Binders for options.
  • The Amazing Pistol, Amazing Rifle, Amazing Long-Range Rifle, and the Amazing Knife & Holster with replacement gimmicks are included.      
  • The Influx Weapon Binders and the MS body are jointed at the base of the newly designed Backpack.
  • The Amazing Long Range Rifle can be attached to the base of the Backpack, so it is possible to carry the two rifles shouldered and pointed forward as a cannon.     
  • The Influx Machine Gun is included with new design! As two Influx Machine Guns are included, it allows to carry on both hands.    
  • Various weapons are included for different poses!      

Included weapons:

  • Influx Machine Gun
  • Influx Weapon Binders
  • Amazing Pistol (Mounted optionally)
  • Amazing Rifle (Mounted optionally)
  • Amazing Long Range Rifle (Mounted optionally)
  • Amazing Knife & Holster
  • New Hyper Bazooka
  • Beam Rifle
  • Blade
  • Beam Saber
  • Shield Booster 
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