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HG Heavy Gundam

HG Heavy Gundam

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: February 2023

"Project to Enhance Attack and Defense Capability of the 'Gundam' - FSWSE

From Mobile Suit Gundam MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery), the Full Armor Gundam, believed to be developed by the Earth Federation's FSWS, makes its appearance in HG kit form.

  • Various weapons and armor parts are recreated with new molds.
  • The distinct green-themed color pattern, including the base RX-78's molding color, is faithfully reproduced.
  • Water-transfer decals, including new designs, are included.

Key Features:

  • New molds for additional armor parts and MSD color pattern: Full-body additional armor is meticulously reproduced with new molds. The MSD color scheme, including the RX-78 base, is faithfully recreated in molding colors.
  • MSD-inspired colorings reproduced in molding colors of the base RX-78: The RX-78 base remains intact, allowing for the detachment of various armor parts and the left arm's small shield.
  • Recreation of various weapons and their gimmicks with new molds: Various armaments such as the Cannon Gun (360mm Rocket Cannon), Twin Beam Gun, and Missile Bay are reproduced with new molds.
  • Cannon Gun (360mm Rocket Cannon): The cannon gun on the right back can be moved up and down, and the left sensor unit is precisely replicated.
  • Twin Beam Gun (360mm Rocket Cannon): The twin beam gun attached to the right arm is accurately reproduced, including the barrel section.
  • Missile Bay: Missile bays on the chest, both shoulder ports, and both knee sections have opening hatch gimmicks. The internal missile shapes are delicately recreated.
  • Water-transfer decals with MSD-inspired shoulder and waist markings, Federation emblem, and number marks are included.
  • The HG Gundam (GUNDAM THE ORIGIN version) articulation allows for bold action poses even with the added armor.

Included Armaments:

  • Cannon Gun (360mm Rocket Cannon)
  • Missile Bay
  • Twin Beam Gun"
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