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HG Gundam X Divider

HG Gundam X Divider

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Bandai High Grade 1/144 Scale Model Kit

Release Date: December 16th, 2010

Appeared in the Gundam X expansion unit Gundam X Divider HG series

  • Reproduces detailed coloring by splitting parts that are unique to HG, where the seams are not conspicuous
  • Equipped with a transformation gimmick from the shield to the harmonica cannon
  • The backpack has a movable reproduction of the deployment of the thruster part
  • Addition of accessory parts that bring out the charm of MS
  • Newly added beam machine gun, hyper bazooka, open hand


  • Divider
  • hyper bazooka
  • beam machine gun
  • beam saber x 2
  • rifle grip (right)
  • saber grip (left) 
  • palm (left)

Product content

  • Molded product x 9
  • foil seal
  • assembly instructions

    Original Japanese Description:

    ガンダムXの拡張機体 ガンダムXディバイダー HGシリーズで登場!





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