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HG GUNDAM TR-1 [Haze’n-Thley Rah II]

HG GUNDAM TR-1 [Haze’n-Thley Rah II]

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Gundam Model Kit


From "ADVANCE OF Z ~ Under the Flag of Titans ~", the HG series commercialized the enhanced specification [Heizensley Ra II], which can be said to be the final evolution of the Gundam TR-1 series.

"Psycho blade" on the head and joint parts for connecting [Fluddo II] are included with new modeling. Reproduce the characteristic styling.

Reproduce the styling of TR-1 [Heizensley] with new modeling parts

New modeling parts have been added to the head, torso, back, etc., and the form and details of TR-1 [Heizensley Ra II] have been thoroughly pursued. The impressive Titans color is reproduced with molding color.

HEAD: "Psycho blade" type antenna part is reproduced with new modeling parts.
WAIST: The boost pod part is reproduced with new parts that have been adjusted for size, details, joint method, etc. for TR-1 [Heizensley Ra II].
BACK: The drum frame and thruster unit added on the back are reproduced with new modeling parts.
[Fluddo II] x 2 and new joint parts set: Includes [Fluddo II] added to the shoulders and waist, new joint parts that fit the body, and various armed parts.

A composite shield booster is also included. By rearranging the parts, it is possible to reproduce the unfolded and stretched state.

Attached armament: Composite shield booster / Beam rifle / Beam saber

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