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HG Gundam Plutone

HG Gundam Plutone

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High Grade 1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Model Kit

From the Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, appears one of the 2nd generation Gundam! Plutone arrives in the High Grade model kit series, offering variety of color separation and completely new molded parts.

What's new?

HEAD: Reproducing the characteristic head with two slits in the mask, which inherits the design line of the first generation "O" Gundam.

CHEST: Faithfully reproduced the fuselage form equipped with the GN drive separation system including the cockpit part. The front and rear GN drives can be detached.

ARM: Equipped with multiple joints and drawer gimmicks, allowing the elbow to execute an armor deployment.

GN VERNIER: GN verniers that are equipped on its shoulders and waist are molded in yellow.

GN CONDENSER: Precisely molded waist part GN Condenser! The GN particle supply cord uses a flexible rubber material for flexibility.

KNEE ARMOR: GN Beam saber removable gimmick in the knee armor! In addition, multiple joints and drawer gimmicks enables the kit to a more flexible movement, giving more room to multiple dynamic poses.

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