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HG Efreet Custom

HG Efreet Custom

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Model Kit

Release Date: September 2017

"From the video game "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden THE BLUE DESTINY," the Efreet Kai is now available in the HGUC series!"

The distinctive mobile suit shape and weaponry of the Efreet Kai are faithfully recreated with new sculpted parts, and it comes with a new addition, the Heat Saber!

Thoroughly reproduce the Efreet Kai's mobile suit shape!

  • Based on the MS-08TX Efreet, the Efreet Kai was enlarged and powered up to accommodate the EXAM System.
  • Various parts of the mobile suit shape, including the head, shoulder armor, arm grenades, waist armor, leg armor, missile pods, and backpack, are faithfully reproduced with new sculpted parts.

The Heat Saber can be suspended on the waist!

  • The Heat Saber can be suspended on the waist using the included joint parts.

Replicate the shape and color of the Spike Armor!

  • The distinctive shoulder Spike Armor is recreated in its shape with new sculpted parts.
  • The red color, which is Captain Nimbus Schterzen's personal color, is reproduced using molded colors.

Reproduce the legs with the added 6-tube missile pod and high-output vernier!

  • The high-output verniers added to the legs for enhanced mobility and the distinctive 6-tube missile pod are thoroughly reproduced with new sculpted parts.

Faithfully recreate the distinctive Heat Saber with new sculpted parts.

  • The Efreet Kai's two pairs of Heat Sabers, newly included, are equipped with clear parts for the saber blades.

Achieve high articulation with the latest HG format!

Included armament:

  • Heat Saber
  • 6-tube Missile Pod
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