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HG Dreadnought Gundam

HG Dreadnought Gundam

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1/144 Scale Bandai High Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: October 2004

The Dreadnought Gundam is a hot Mobile Suits Variation, based on Gundam SEED designs (specifically the Astray).

This 1/144-scale HG model reproduces this fantastic Mobile Suit in super detail, with its distinctive, gigantic red backpack! Bandai's multi-gate molding technology allows multiple colors to be blown on a single sprue, keeping the number of sprues to a minimum (keeping costs lower, and the savings are passed on to you!).

And since all the parts are molded in color, you don't need to paint the kit; since they all snap together for assembly, you don't need to glue it, either!

Polycaps are included for joints, so the finished product can be posed easily.

Lots of sharp customised foil and clear stickers are included for a superb finish.

Don't miss out on a fantastic variant of a popular mecha!

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