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HG Cho Mashin Ryujinmaru

HG Cho Mashin Ryujinmaru

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Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: February 2022

Super Demon God Ryujinmaru descends to HG!

From "Chou Mashin Hero Wataru", Chou Majin Ryujinmaru has been commercialized as a completely new HG series.

  • Reproduce the body shape and coloring of the final form of Ryujinmaru, which has transformed into a superpower by combining the power of the Holy God.
  • The joints are equipped with a pull-out mechanism that allows you to hold the sword with both hands while sculpting with a sense of volume.
  • The tail part has a built-in lead wire and can move at each node. Jewel seal is used for the jewel of the sword king's sword that comes with it.
  • Super Majin Ryujinmaru is three-dimensionalized with completely new modeling. Color-coded reproduction by dividing parts
  • The characteristic form of Super Majin Ryujinmaru has been transformed into HG with completely new modeling.
  • Reproduced by dividing parts by molding color such as shoulders and shield parts. The gold parts are molded in gold, and the jewels in the eyes and arms are in clear green.
  • head
  • The black line is reproduced with separate parts.
  • shoulder
  • Reproduce the coloring of the shoulder and shield by dividing into parts.
  • Two types of molding colors are used: the black part that is the shadow color and the other black parts such as the arms.
  • The tail part is a big size of about 250mm!
  • Supports various poses by moving each node with a lead wire.
  • With the included display pedestal, it can be displayed in a flying pose immediately after the super power transformation.
  • Posing that reproduces the play is possible due to the movable performance of each part
  • The double neck joints and movement of each part make it possible to reproduce the impressive poses in the play.
  • You can reproduce the pose when you descended!
  • The head can be turned upward by the double joint of the neck.
  • In addition, by expanding the shield part to the left and right, it is possible to pose in an impressive play.
  • Both hands can be held with a drawer-type gimmick!
  • Equipped with a drawer-type movable mechanism on the shoulder. It also has a forward and backward swing mechanism on the body side, allowing you to hold the "Sword King's Sword" with both hands.
  • "Sword King's Sword" is included!
  • Jewel seals are used for the central part of the sword and the jewels on the left and right. Includes left and right weapon holding hands, left and right open hands, and left and right hand grips.

Attached Armament: Sword King's Sword

Accessories: display pedestal

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