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HG Byarlant Custom

HG Byarlant Custom

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Bandai High Grade 1/144 Scale Model Kit

Release Date: November 10th, 2012

The Byarlant Custom that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 4" has been made into an HGUC

  • Faithfully reproduces the unique form that specializes in flight mode
  • The 1/144 scale mobile suit, which is larger than a normal mobile suit, is approximately 170mm in height and has an outstanding presence
  • Propellant tank reproduces the opening and closing gimmick
  • Beam saber parts can be attached to the turret. If you attach beam sabers to both arms, you can reproduce dual wielding
  • The claws and turret can be moved flexibly
  • It is also compatible with action bases with the attached dedicated mount parts

Original Japanese Description:

『機動戦士ガンダムUC episode 4』に登場のバイアラン・カスタムをHGUC化

  • 飛行形態に特化した独特なフォルムを忠実に再現
  • 通常のMSより大きい機体は、1/144スケールでも全高約170mmで、存在感抜群
  • プロペラントタンクは開閉ギミックを再現
  • 砲塔部にはビーム・サーベル用パーツを装着可能。両腕にビーム・サーベルを装着すれば二刀流を再現できる
  • クロー部や砲塔はフレキシブルに可動
  • 付属の専用マウントパーツでアクションベースにも対応
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