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HG Black Rider

HG Black Rider

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: February 2022

"Pale Rider Project"

RX-80BR Black Rider, Kit Version!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy," the prototype unit Black Rider developed under the "Pale Rider Project" is being brought to life in the HG series.

New parts have been added to the HG Pale Rider as a base, along with the reproduction of distinctive equipment such as the "Trial Tactical Unit 'Steelyard'."

  • A tactical experimental unit equipped with stealth and electronic warfare gear.
  • The shape and color scheme of the Black Rider, taking into account its stealth capabilities, have been reproduced with new sculpted parts, including its distinctive head.
  • Head: Equipped with a unique sensor unit.
  • Arms: The left arm features the Stun Anchor and the right arm features the Grenade Launcher, both reproduced with new parts.
  • The Stun Anchor allows for the depiction of anchor ejection with a lead wire.
  • Chest/Waist: The compacted shape of the chest, as well as the front and rear armor, have been newly reproduced.
  • Reproduction of dedicated equipment with new sculpted parts!
  • Trial Tactical Unit "Steelyard": A backpack unit with a design resembling a large balance scale, equipped with electronic warfare gear. The dome part has a rotating gimmick, and the arm part achieves flexible movement with a multi-axis structure. Additionally, the dome can be deployed by replacing parts.
  • Heat Knife: Two newly included close-combat Heat Knives. Can be mounted on the waist.
  • Rail Cannon: The Rail Cannon carried by the Black Rider is newly reproduced. The grip part is movable.
  • Reproduction of the appearance during THEMIS activation!
  • The normal state and THEMIS activated state can be reproduced by selecting the appropriate stickers.
  • Includes stickers with unit emblems and more

Included Weapons:

  • Rail Cannon
  • Heat Knife 
  • Stun Anchor
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