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GSI Creos

[GX002] Ueno Black

[GX002] Ueno Black

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[ ! ] Paint and thinners are considered dangerous goods for shipping and will only be shipped to Canadian addresses. Orders with U.S shipping address containing paint and thinners will be canceled without notice.

Unthinned Gloss paint 18ml 

Suggested thinner: Mr.Color Leveling Thinner

Compatible thinner: Mr.Color Leveling Thinner | Mr.Color Thinner

Suggested Thinning Ratio: 1Paint :2.5Thinner

Mr.Color GX line of paint improves on the qualities of current Mr.Color C-Line Lacquer paints
Features a shorter drying time and a harder and smoother coat once fully cured
Features brighter color finishes and better coverage ability
Can be mixed with Mr.Color C-Line Lacquer paint


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