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Gundam Artifact Vol.2 - V2AB

Gundam Artifact Vol.2 - V2AB

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[ ! ] This product contains only the V2AB from Volume 2. For full set please click refer to other product link

The long-awaited second edition of the full-scale precision model collection series [Gundam Artifact] is now available.

In addition to the heavily armed popular MS [V2 Assault Buster Gundam], there are 5 types of popular mass-produced MS such as [Dom Tropen] and [GM]

The high-density mechanical design, which is about 55mm in size but consists of about 50 parts, is reminiscent of a new Gundam image.

Volume 2 contains the following suits:

  • Dom Tropen
  • V2AB
  • GM [Thunderbolt Ver.]
  • FA78
  • Zaku III
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