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Grid Stickers

Grid Stickers

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Grid Sticker used in scribing/drilling

Clear sheets of adhesive backed plastic with moderate firmness. 

Usage 1: Pinpoint drill holes

Apply sheet onto surface of the plastic, pin the spots with a scribing needle or hobby knife. Remove the grid sticker and proceed to drill at the pilot points

Usage 2: Pinpoint panel line junctions

Apply sheet onto surface of the plastic. pin down the junction points of your panel line design. Remove the grid sticker and now the pilot points can be used for scribing panel lines. This is a very convenient method in replicating panel lines or creating symmetrical panel line designs. Caution and patience is required

Usage 3: Panel Line Scribing

Although not as hard as typical scribing guide tapes, the thin plastic sheet can be cut into different shapes which can be used as templates for scribing. I personally find this the most useful for scribing curves as it can be cut easily with a circular cutter and does not deform under pressure like the curved masking tape from Tamiya

Demo from HIQParts for pin-pointing drill holes


Original Description:

  • By attaching a square pattern engraved in 1mm increments or a triangular pattern sticker to the plastic, you will be able to drill and cut accurately. 
  • Until now, the position of drilling holes was determined by the eye size, but by using this sticker, the accuracy will increase steadily depending on ideas such as symmetry and equal spacing
  • Please find the original usage. It can be peeled off again, so you can use it conveniently by making a template and cutting out multiple plastic plates or drilling guides with the same pattern
  • Since it became a 0.5mm grid sticker, it has been well received by those who want to make precise cutouts for their own model railroad work
  • The trout type is suitable for 90 degree cutting, and the triangular type is suitable for 60-120 degree cutting
content □ 6 pieces, △ pattern 2 pieces, total 8 pieces
size Approximately 10cm x 14cm
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