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FM1/100 Aile Calamity Gundam

FM1/100 Aile Calamity Gundam

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Full Mechanics Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 2022

"Airspace Domination - Aerial Combat Type Calamity" - Aile Calamity Gundam

From the official spin-off manga "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE," the MS "Ael Calamity Gundam" developed by the Atlantic Federation is being brought to life in the FULL MECHANICS line.

  • The gimmick-included "exclusive weapons" and "flight module" designed by mechanical designer Junichi Akutsu are faithfully reproduced with new sculpted parts.
  • The distinctive color scheme is reproduced with molded colors, and new design marking stickers are included.

Impressive design with a sense of volume

  • Based on the FULL MECHANICS 1/100 Calamity Gundam, the flight module on the back is reproduced with new sculpted parts.
  • The original color scheme is dominated by gray and navy blue, faithfully recreating the design by mechanical designer Junichi Akutsu.

Exclusive "Flight Module" enabling flight in the Earth's atmosphere

  • Flight modules are mounted on both sides of the backpack. The flight module, composed of propulsion units and main wings, creates a top-heavy silhouette
  • Flight Module: Reproduces details reminiscent of turbofan engines in aircraft
  • Main Wings: Details inspired by aircraft structures. The rear intakes of the flight module have a sharp design

Reproduction of the movable gimmicks of the flight module and weapons mounted on the shoulders

  • 120mm Triple Gatling Gun: The gatling guns mounted on both ends of the main wings can move vertically and horizontally.
  • 57mm Twin Shoulder Cannon / 220mm Quadruple Multi-Purpose Missile Pod: The twin cannons and the lower missile pod feature rotating gimmicks. The twin cannons can move the barrels up and down.

Aerial combat multipurpose weapon <Adler> with four modes, changeable Equipped with various movable gimmicks due to its multi-axis structure. Can transform without parts replacement.

  • [Warhammer Mode]: A mode where the <Adler>, which is as tall as the main body, is used as a striking weapon. The hammerhead, arranged perpendicular to the handle, has a sharp arrowhead-like shape.
  • [Rifle Mode A]: A mode with the hammerhead positioned on top. Allows for a shooting posture with the weapon resting on the shoulder.
  • [Rifle Mode B]: A mode with the hammerhead positioned on the bottom. Can be held between the arms and the torso.
  • [Javelin Mode]: The hammerhead has a beam blade emitter and can be used as a javelin. Includes a clear pink beam effect part.
  • [Beam Gauntlet]: The small shield on the forearm can be attached and detached as a beam saber with unfolding gimmicks. It can be kept attached to the forearm while deploying the beam or removed and wielded by hand. Two types of beam effect parts are included.

New design marking stickers Includes newly designed marking stickers featuring caution marks, unit numbers, and line markings specifically designed for the Ael Calamity Gundam.

Set Contents:

  • Aile Calamity Gundam main unit (complete set)
  • Aerial combat multipurpose weapon <Adler>
  • Marking stickers
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