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Figure-Rise Standard Dukemon/Gallantmon

Figure-Rise Standard Dukemon/Gallantmon

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Bandai Digimon Model Kit

Release Date: June 11th, 2022

From "Digimon Tamers", the holy knight type Digimon "Dukemon" is three-dimensionalized with designs and proportions based on anime settings!

  • Satisfying finish just by assembling parts with discerning parts division.
  • Joint parts are movable in a wide range, allowing you to recreate action poses just like in the play.
  • Silver molding color is used for the armament to express the same texture as in the play.
  • Reproduce the digital characters engraved on the "Holy Shield Aegis" with attention to detail.
  • In addition to the hand parts, a pedestal for holding the "Holy Shield Aegis" is also included.
  • Cloth material is used for Dukemon's cloak.


  • Holy Spear Gram x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis Pedestal x 1
  • Cloak x 1
  • Sticker x 1
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