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EG Super Saiyan God Vegeta

EG Super Saiyan God Vegeta

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Bandai Entry Grade Character Model Kit

Release Date: March 28th, 2020

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta from "Dragon Ball Super" appears in the introductory series "ENTRY GRADE" given to all plastic model inexperienced people!

  • Powerful physical modeling! The shape of the joints has been carefully selected, and the details of the muscles have been sculpted.
  • Hair is divided into parts to create a complex shape.
  • Eyes and eyebrows are reproduced by color-coding the parts.
  • 35 total parts. No glue or tools required! Easy assembly with snap fit and touch gate method!


  • Runner x 4
  • Instruction manual x 1

    Original Japanese Description:

    全てのプラモデル未経験者に贈る入門用シリーズ「ENTRY GRADE」に『ドラゴンボール超』より超サイヤ人ゴッド超サイヤ人ベジータが登場!

    • 迫力の肉体造形!関節の形状に渾身のこだわり、筋肉の造形も細部まで演出。
    • 髪の毛はパーツの分割により複雑な形状を再現。
    • 瞳と眉毛はパーツの分割色分けで再現
    • 総パーツ数35。接着剤、工具不要!スナップフィット、タッチゲート方式で簡単組み立て!


    • ランナー×4
    • 取扱説明書×1
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